Tent Trailers - Functional and Fun
By Julie Jacobs

Tent trailers are a fun and easy alternative for families and couples who would like to own a recreational vehicle, but don't have the finances for one of the larger towables or the motorized models. Tent trailers are sometimes called pop-up trailers or camp trailers, and are easily towed behind most mid or large-sized vehicles. Although they are fairly compact when they are closed, when they are opened many are quite roomy. You can sleep anywhere from 2 to 6 people (or sometimes more) in them depending on the features and the layout.

Features: As with any recreational camping vehicle, tent trailers have sleeping areas. Sometimes they are hidden in the center part of the trailer, but most are on the fold-out sides. But, not only do pop up trailers have sleeping areas they also can have sinks, stoves, tables, refrigerators, and some even have showers. All of the items are extremely well designed to fold up or stow easily when the trailer is closed and open up for roominess when it is open. Since you won't be spending all of your time sitting inside tent trailers some have flexible or fabric awnings that can be pulled out for coverage over a seating area or table.

Cost: Tent trailers range in cost anywhere from under $10,000 to around $20,000 if you want all of the top of the line features and bells and whistles. This is a fairly reasonable cost for even most young families and couples on a budget.

Towing Tent Trailers: Just as with towing anything behind your car or truck you will not only need to make sure that the vehicle is capable of towing the extra weight, but that the tow hitch is as well. Hitches have ratings on them that will tell you how much they are capable of pulling. Make sure that you figure out the weight when it is loaded down.

Advantages: Using tent trailers has advantages. You can leave them parked while you drive the car to go pick up groceries or go on a day sight-seeing trip. It is also much more comfortable in a pop-up trailer than it might be sleeping on the ground in a tent. The cost is also minimal compared to most other recreational vehicle options.

This recreational vehicle puts the fun and the functional factors together along with a low price-making it appealing to all those who are looking for an economical way to camp in comfort.

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